Who Qualifies

Who Qualifies?
Ad Relief embraces all members of the Greater Los Angeles advertising and promotions industry and allied fields including employees of and consultants to:

Advertising Agencies
Broadcast Properties
Newspapers and Magazines
Internet Providers
Outdoor & Out of Home Media
Designers, Copy Writers, Photographers
Direct Marketing Advertisers
Advertising Sales Representative Firms
In-House Advertising Departments

Applicants must have been employed in or consulted for the advertising and promotions industry for a continuous period of one year and not absent for longer than one year, prior to applying for assistance. Retirees from advertising and promotions are also eligible.

What Situation Qualifies?
Members of the Greater Los Angeles Advertising, Promotions and Communications Community can turn to Ad Relief when a life crisis strikes and no other source for financial aid is available.

For Example:
Medical debts and expenses incurred due to critical illness, accident or injury.
Employment interruption resulting from critical illness, accident, injury or natural disaster.
Loss of residence brought about by natural disaster.
Other life crises as deemed appropriate by the Ad Relief Board of Directors

Status Limitations
Persons qualifying for Ad Relief assistance must have exhausted all other attempts to seek financial help and may not have any assets of substance including:

401 K, Keogh
Savings Account
Home Equity
Stocks or Bonds

Ad Relief Doesn’t…
Ad Relief assistance is not available for those experiencing financial difficulty unrelated to a qualifying life crisis. These include:

Credit Card Debt
Debt Consolidation Loans
Educational Loans
Mortgage Assistance
Elective or Cosmetic Medical Care