Here’s How it Works

•  Contact the Ad Relief office for a benefit application.
•  Return the completed application to the Ad Relief.
•  A caseworker will be assigned and will personally contact you. With complete confidentiality, your emergency needs will be assessed and your financial status verified. The Ad Relief Board reviews applications monthly. In extreme situations, emergency funds can be made available in a matter of days.We will assign a caseworker to speak with you personally. Benefits are awarded as grants or loans depending on homeowner status. Two party check system insures proper distribution of funds.


Application for Financial Aid

Ad Relief of Greater Los Angeles (formerly the Advertising Industry Emergency Fund) has been established to provide aid and to promote the raising of monies for aid in times of need to members of the Southern California advertising and promotions industry and their families. Persons eligible for aid must have been employed for a continuous period of one year by an advertising or promotions entity within the Greater Los Angeles area. If he/she is not currently employed, the period out of the advertising or promotions industry must not exceed one year to be eligible for benefits. If the applicant is an independent consultant or freelancer serving the advertising or promotions industry, he/she must have been commissioned by a advertising or promotions entity within the Greater Los Angeles area for some period of time within the past 12 months. However, benefits may be recommended in exceptional cases, i.e. an individual with many years in the business who has been out for two years. Retirees with a long-term history in the advertising or promotions business are also eligible for benefits.

Click here to fill out the online application.

Please complete all sections of this form as detailed information will help speed up a response. Particular attention should be given to the section “PURPOSE OF FUNDS.” Financial assistance cannot be provided where the reason for the application for assistance is not explained or where the reason given is “personal” or words to that effect. Prior to submitting this form you may also print, mail or fax this page to the Ad Relief office.

If unable to fill out online, please download and fill out the application, and then mail or fax it back to the Ad Relief office, attention Nicole Levitt. (You will need the free Adobe Reader software to handle this PDF file.)

Please read the Due Diligence Documentation List required for the application.

Fax: 310-943-0340

Mail: Ad Relief, 11700 National Blvd., Suite L #125, Los Angeles, CA 90064

If you do not have PDF capabilities, please call the Ad Relief office at 310.397.7830.